Faith = Prejudice

I believe

I just want to believe

So I Believe.

What else is there, everybody believes?

I can believe anything that I want to believe.

I’m not fake, I have common sense

And I’m not like everyone else.

I have never seen what I believe, but it’s not fake.

How do I know? Because I believe.

Logic, reason, yeah, yeah, I have those

But I still can believe what I want to believe.

What I want is what is true

It’s true because I want it to be.

It’s true because I was told it was true.

I know I wasn’t there,

But my parents believe it and why would they lie?

My friends believe it, so why would I question it?

It has to be true, it just has to be true, so I believe it.

Look around you, they told me he “created” it,

So since it’s there, it must be true.

I wasn't there and I don’t really know, but I have faith.

So I believe, it has to be true, it must be true, why would they all lie?

I believe, I BELIEVE, because of the "Facts" because of the "Evidences".

Well, really because I WANT TO,

Because I FEEL it is true and because I KNOW it is true!

No on can change my mind, well, unless everyone else changes their mind!

Hey, you want to know what I believe now?

I believe, “I’M BETTER THEN YOU!” And I believe, “Your RACE is inferior!”


Look at the "Evidences" and people I know believe it too.

So I believe!


Secrets of Life

Take time to think,
It’s the source of power
Take time to play,

It’s the secret to perpetual youth
Take time to be friendly,
It’s the road to happiness
Take time to work,
It’s the price of success
Take time to pray,
It’s the greatest power on earth
Take time to love,
It’s the way of God
Take time to life a Godly life,
It’s the surest investment in this life.


Only Time Knows…

When and where we are conceived, only time knows
If we’ll make it to this earth, only time knows
Where we come from, only time knows
The major events that’ll shape our lives
And make us who we become, only time knows
If we going to give birth to another or not, only time knows
The ways that our heart is going to be broken
And the ways it going to be mended, only time knows
If our plans and dreams will come to pass, only time knows
How full we going to live our lives, only time know
When our time come to leave this earth, only times knows
What become of us after this life, only time knows
Or wait, could it be that time itself don’t know that part? …


Heartbreak shatter
The heart like shattered glass.
It does not ever
Care for the heart’s feelings.
The poor suffering Heart!
Heartbreaks replaces the beautiful spring days
That were so dear to the heart
With bitter cold, winter days.
It weakens the heart like a sickness
Weakens the body.
Heartbreak drags the heart in the world of Loneliness.
It makes the heart long for the days of plenty
When all it gives is misery.
The heart becomes as lifeless as a wall.
Who can help the heart out of this misery?
Nobody can help, nothing can help, nothing at all.
Nobody, nothing, except old, Father Time.
Yeah, nothing nobody can help except Time.