Faith = Prejudice

I believe

I just want to believe

So I Believe.

What else is there, everybody believes?

I can believe anything that I want to believe.

I’m not fake, I have common sense

And I’m not like everyone else.

I have never seen what I believe, but it’s not fake.

How do I know? Because I believe.

Logic, reason, yeah, yeah, I have those

But I still can believe what I want to believe.

What I want is what is true

It’s true because I want it to be.

It’s true because I was told it was true.

I know I wasn’t there,

But my parents believe it and why would they lie?

My friends believe it, so why would I question it?

It has to be true, it just has to be true, so I believe it.

Look around you, they told me he “created” it,

So since it’s there, it must be true.

I wasn't there and I don’t really know, but I have faith.

So I believe, it has to be true, it must be true, why would they all lie?

I believe, I BELIEVE, because of the "Facts" because of the "Evidences".

Well, really because I WANT TO,

Because I FEEL it is true and because I KNOW it is true!

No on can change my mind, well, unless everyone else changes their mind!

Hey, you want to know what I believe now?

I believe, “I’M BETTER THEN YOU!” And I believe, “Your RACE is inferior!”


Look at the "Evidences" and people I know believe it too.

So I believe!

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